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Submitting your website content

At the start of your project I can discuss and provide you with more detailed information on sending information to suit your requirements. How you supply your information will affect the cost and timeline of your project. For example, if you supply all your images in paper format their will be a additional cost for the time it takes to complete the scanning and optimising so the images are ready for the website. You can send your existing text, images and files via e-mail providing the total size is below 20 megabytes (please note, you may have restrictions on your own existing e-mail for attachment sizes or your connection may not handle large attachments well - if you have trouble e-mailing attachments please contact design-star*). For hard copy and files (on disk) over 20 megabytes please send these through the post. Please make sure you have the right to use the content you submit for your website.

Existing Image Content

Here are some options for submitting your existing images:

When sending your image you will need to e-mail me brief information to identify each image, you should include a list of the image content:

image0001.jpg - picture of product FN451

Existing Text Content

When sending text documents you should ideally send them in a notepad file, PDF, wordpad, textpad or in the body of an e-mail. Here are some options for submitting your existing text documents:

You also need to identify what each document is for, you shoud include a list of the text content:

Document name: products-cards-all.ppt
Use: This is a list of products for sale. Information for each product includes Title / Description / Price / Postage / Colours Available / Image File

Document name: terms.txt
Use: Text for my terms and conditions of business page At the start of your project

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